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Category : Tandem Skydiving

23 Feb 2019

Does Royal Gorge Skydive in Colorado match competitor pricing?

Yes. We will match any advertised competitor price that has the same credentials (United States Parachute Association Group Members only) within Colorado. Just provide the link where you saw that advertised business and price on your reservation comments and pay the required $50 deposit and we’ll see you soon.

23 Feb 2019

What type of equipment do you use at Royal Gorge Skydive in Colorado?

Our tandem service utilizes the Sigma Tandem system designed by the innovators of tandem skydiving, United Parachute Technologies. The main parachute you will be flying is the brand new Icarus Tandem TX2. The all new TX2 combines years of testing and innovation to offer the most durable tandem parachute ever created.

23 Feb 2019

How can I check availability to go skydiving at Royal Gorge Skydive in Colorado?

Use our online booking system to check availability; Just enter the number of people and desired jump date and our system will show you available times, OR you can call us at 719-784-2047.

26 Dec 2018

Is there a weight limit?

Is there a weight limit? The maximum weight limit is 260 pounds. The limit is the same for both men and women. If you are over 220 pounds fees (a fee over 220)and restrictions will apply (gear must fit properly).