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23 Feb 2019

What should I bring with me? What should I wear to skydive in colorado?

You will need to show a valid photo ID before your skydive. For foot attire: tennis shoes are ideal – no sandals, heels, boots with hooks, or speed laces. Your shoes must be closed toe, and have a snug fit that does not allow them to be kicked off. Dressing for the occasion: We recommend you wear jeans. No yoga pants or soft material. Dress for the weather. If it is cold, bring a sweater, if it is really cold […]

23 Feb 2019

What happens if the weather is bad once I arrive at Royal Gorge Skydive in Colorado?

This is the hardest for everyone. Many factors can delay or cancel your appointment, this can happen after arriving at the airport. If weather is a factor your deposit is transferable to another appointment date and time. We do not offer refunds on reservation deposits as the value is maintained. We DO NOT offer refunds on discount vouchers paid to other companies; you must use the voucher prior to the expiration date for the full discounted value.

23 Feb 2019
23 Feb 2019

Where is Royal Gorge Skydive in Colorado located?

We skydive at the Fremont County Airport.       60298 U.S. 50 12-E, Penrose, CO 81240 Take Highway 50 West towards Canon City.  Look for the WAR MEMORIAL on the left. WE ARE NOT CLOSE TO THE ROAD OR THE PLANES ON DISPLAY!! Turn left into airport on DECKER DRIVE.  You will pass UPS on the left. You will drive between a stand of trees. As you enter the 6 foot fenced entrance marked FREMONT COUNTY AIRPORT, the parking lot is on […]

23 Feb 2019

Can I jump right away? Can I go same day at Royal Gorge Skydive in Colorado?

We offer seasonal walk in service and jumps within 24 hours (not available online); call us for short notice. We understand a sudden urge to skydive & try our best to make it happen for you!

26 Dec 2018

What does freefall feel like?

What does freefall feel like? Skydiving does not feel like falling but more floating. Freefall is not the “roller coaster drop” feeling most people expect it would be. It is a comfortable sensation of floating and support, with a slight pressure of air against your body. Freefall is the closest thing to human flight, especially when falling “relative” with other skydivers. In relation to other skydivers in the air, a jumper can move forward, backwards, up, down and all around […]

26 Dec 2018

Are you a USPA Group Member?

Are you a United States Parachute Association Group Member? Yes. We are an active USPA group member dropzone.

26 Dec 2018

How old to go Skydiving at Royal Gorge Skydive?

How old do I have to be? USPA Basic Safety Regulations requires you must be at least 18 years old to make a skydive. Parents and legal guardians can not sign for a minor. Link to USPA – Basic Safety Regulations United States Parachute Association – Age to go Skydiving

26 Dec 2018

Is there a weight limit?

Is there a weight limit? The maximum weight limit is 260 pounds. The limit is the same for both men and women. If you are over 220 pounds fees (a fee over 220)and restrictions will apply (gear must fit properly).

07 Sep 2015

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