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Licensed – Experienced – Fun Jumpers

We fly a Cessna 206/182.

Experienced Jumper Information:

USPA Membership (Current; we can help if not)

USPA License (we can help if you don’t have it yet)

Dual Harness Container (TSO in the US)

Reserve Packed in last 180 days with Seal

Price: $30.00

Minimum number of Jumpers Required:4

Rigging Services by RedMan Rigging

Rig Rental licensed jumpers: $20-25

Field Elevation: 5439ft

          Cessna – 14k MSL

Weather Station at the Airport – Wind in Knots


1.5% fee for credit card use

Experienced jumpers required to hold USPA license (or foreign equivalent). We can help you if you don’t have it yet.

AAD IS NOT Required.

All jumpers are required to clear their proposed discipline with the Safety and Training Advisor or Committee Chair of the specific discipline being executed such as but not limited to CRW, wing suit to determine the level of experience necessary to complete the jump safety.



Office: Call anytime: 719-784-2047

Summer Time (May-Sept): 9AM-5PM Office

  • Fri-Sun skydiving till sunset customer dependent
  • Tuesday-Wednesday (Call to verify flights)

Winter Time: Call to check on scheduled flights.


Our experienced jumper facebook private group: