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Student Training – Learn to Skydive

IAD Program: Jump your first time for as low as $139.00

Skydiving on your own is a big step. It will take 6 hours+ to attend the first jump course. There are a lot of variables that go into your jump. Your limited on the wind speed. You will need a full day minimum to get a jump.

We have different programs to help you learn. Our IAD program is a little cheaper upfront but requires more jumps (14). Our AFF program gets you into freefall immediately, only has about 8 jumps, but is a little more expensive upfront cost.

IAD Training Program

Student leaving aircraft on a Cat A IAD Jump

You must attend the First jump course prior to jumping.  Our jump courses are 6-8 hours long and are offered every weekend by appointment.

Initial IAD jumps are made from 4k feet. Your parachute opens immediately after exit. This program does not freefall until your advanced in the program.


1st Jump Course and First Jump: $139.00

IAD Cat B – F

One Person: $99.00 Two People: $89 Three People: $79

AFF Training Program

You must attend the First jump course prior to jumping.  Our jump courses are 6-8 hours long and are offered every weekend by appointment.

Please contact use to register for the first jump course. Registration is required. To register call 719-784-2047

Prices are for each Jump. Categories are advanced based on performance.

Category A-B $499.00 includes two jumps and training.

Cat A only – $275

Category C – $249

Category D-F AFF Levels:  $175.00

AFF Training Common Questions

Can I do a freefall jump without doing a tandem first?

Yes. You can do AFF Level 1 Freefall training jump without first going tandem. You do not have to go tandem.

When do you offer AFF training jumps in Colorado?

Any time. You must first attend a ground school. Purchasing a level one and two jump AFF tickets allows you to schedule for a Ground Course.

After AFF What is next?

You start doing coach jumps with a USPA certified coach. Coach jumps are $89 dollars (includes two seats and you USPA rated coach) – $35 gear rental (includes main repack).

I have military experience.

We can evaluate your level of past experience. If you completed the 490 program or similar that experience is not wasted. Your performance alone will determine your placement.

Is there a weight limit?

The maximum weight limit for AFF is 210-220 lbs. If you exceed this limit please contact us at 719-784-2047 regarding your options

What is the age limit to learn to skydive

You must be 18 years old.

How does this work. If I sign up what happens next?

You purchase two tickets, Category A-B AFF tickets. You will schedule and attend a 6-8 hour+ first jump ground course. The ground school will cover all aspects of your skydiving experience. We will practice and repeat your tasks to ensure successful retention. When you have completed the ground course you can now schedule and prepare to jump.

How many jumps is it to pass the AFF program?

Most people complete the program in 8-10 jumps. If you pass every category perfect the program can be completed in 7 jumps.

After AFF do I now have my license?

No. After you complete AFF you will begin your coaching and solo jumps. Once you have completed 25 jumps you can take the A-License test and check-dive.

How are your freefall skydiving instructors rated?

Your Accelerated Freefall Instructor AFF is rated by the USPA.

Requirements, again?

18 years old.
Under 220 (call if over).
Able to perform the required tasks

How long does it take?

It is a much bigger investment of your time than a Tandem skydive. You must attend the ground school. Your wind limit is reduced. Your wait time can be increased. A minimum of two days just to get started.

Do you have some more information to look at before I decide

Yes. Lets get technical. Use the link below to look at the USPA SIM.

Can I do training jumps while traveling to Colorado?

If your traveling here we will only accept you as a student if you purchase the A license package only. We recommend you learn near home.

USPA Cat A SIM – A overview guide of the materials you will learn in the First Jump Course.

Coach Jumps: $89 (includes 2 seats and your USPA rated coach)- $35 gear rental.

AFF Training Questions call 719-784-2047